Visualizing the #nonato Twitter hashtag – time series and top users

  The NATO summit is currently being held in Chicago, and, as is typical for NATO or G# summits, the streets and tweets are full of dissent.  In the spirit of my past investigations of online dissent (#jan25, #25bahman, #12fev, #wiunion, #cn220, #march15), I thought I would investigate the #nonato tag, where Twitter users around

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eDiscovery Consulting in the Cloud: Searching an Outlook mailbox and attachments

  You may have noticed that I keep talking about eDiscovery consulting and legal search in the cloud.  I've covered searching the Supreme Court with new technologies in analytics and the cloud, making certain types of emails searchable on Amazon's cloud, and even eDiscovery and the cloud at a high level.  While these posts are

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“Google” for subpoenaed emails: AWS CloudSearch for eDiscovery

  In the last post on AWS CloudSearch, I provided a tutorial on the creation of a simple CloudSearch domain for Supreme Court decisions.  This walkthrough described the steps of creating a domain, configuring access policies and indexing, populating the index, and using the search API.  We were left with a functioning case search database.  

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Updated Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) XML

  Last August, I released an XML copy of the Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL).  As an example of what could be done with the structured data, I also created a single-page HTML version generated from the XML.  Since then, there's been significant activity in the state statutory arena; my favorite example is Virginia Decoded, a

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Now hosted on EC2

  After a few days of configuration and testing, it's official - and will now be hosted on an AWS EC2 instance with S3 acting as CDN for large files.  If you notice any issues with performance or see any missing images, make sure to shoot me an email.

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Building Legal Language Explorer: Interactivity and drill-down, noSQL and SQL

  Dan and I recently released a new legal informatics project with a few colleagues. The project, which we've named the Legal Language Explorer, provides an interface similar to Google Ngrams Viewer for the U.S. Supreme Court. Unlike Google's viewer, however, the Legal Language Explorer also allows users to drill-down into case-level information for each n-gram.

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21st Century Legal Informatics: Part 1, Introduction

   Dan and I have written and spoken on legal informatics many times.  Inevitably these conversations come to the same cut-and-paste list of informatics examples from legal search/retrieval and decision making.  It's struck me that these examples fall into two categories.  The first category sits firmly in the 20th century, while the second category belongs

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Natty Narwhal on the Precision M4600

Since there are always questions of support for newly released models, I thought I'd put up a post on Natty Narwhal on the new Dell Precision M4600.  I got mine last week and have just finished replicating my M4500 setup on it. The only issue I've run into is for my Quadro.  NV claims that

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