Algeria and Yemen seem to be pushing a #feb12 revolution hashtag like Egypt’s #jan25 tag. In the Egyptian case, the French abbreviation of January didn’t vary from the English, and so we really only saw two varieties of the tag – #jan25 and #25jan.  I don’t have hard numbers on this yet, but from my ocular sample, #jan25 occurred with higher frequency than #25jan.  

In the case of this younger #feb12 hashtag, however, the French and English abbreviations for February are different. The result is 4 separate tags instead of 2 – #feb12, #12feb, #fev12, and #12fev. All four of these have the same length and are just as easy to type.  It will be interesting to see how many and which of these hashtags survive (assuming these protests aren’t quickly quelled).  My bet is actually on #fev12 in this case for two reasons.  First, this is the French spelling that matches Egypt’s month-day order.  Second, it has the added interpretation of fev=fever, which is probably a metaphor that plays well.  Be on the lookout for Arab Fever  headlines if my prediction holds true.