Earlier this week, I posted a ~100k tweet dataset on the #25bahman protests in Iran.  The corresponding figure of frequencies showed a strong presence on Twitter, with over 500 tweets per 5 minute period at peak.  You can download the dataset or check out the figure in that post.

  I decided to take a quick snapshot of the corresponding #cn220 protests in China.  There are clearly a larger number of sampling issues in this case than in the previous cases such as Tunisia and Egypt.  First, while China has many microblogging users, the market is significantly more fragmented.  Second, China has a large infrastructure dedicated to “managing” content and flow of content online.  Therefore, this sample should be viewed as a portrait, not a perfect characterization of online coordination regarding #cn220.  You can download the tweets here, view the code for plotting below the break, and enjoy the simple 5-minute frequency plot below.