Electronic World Treaty Index and Tax Court Appendix

I’ve been busy lately with my new day job and wedding planning , but Dan and I still managed to meet two big goals in the past week.  

First, we’ve finalized a stable version of the Electronic World Treaty Index.  This is a big deal in the world of international relations and international law, since it contains complete coverage of bilateral and multilateral agreements in the 20th century.  These agreements are easily downloaded, in whole or in subset, through the search interface on the site (SQLite/PHP).  For a great writeup that we put together, check out the blog post at Vox PopuLII, Cornell Legal Information Institute‘s feature on the site.

Second, we’ve got a blog post on the online appendix for our recent Virgina Tax Review paper online.  This appendix includes three big pieces of the paper – Appendix A, covering the semi-supervised process for citation extraction; the dataset of all written opinions between 1990 and 2008; and, lastly, the dataset containing edges between written opinions and I.R.C. (Title 26) statutes.  Together, this appendix and its datasets allow scholars not only to verify our results, but also to extend our work and explore this important Court in further detail.  If you haven’t read the paper, An Empirical Survey of the Population of United States Tax Court Written Decisions, you can check it out on SSRN.