I wanted to update readers to let them know of an upcoming post series on Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) in the cloud. Oracle Transportation Management is a powerful solution for businesses or 3PLs that need to take control of their supply chain planning and execution.  While many organizations continue to run OTM in a traditional rack model, Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers like Amazon Web Services have made cloud-based solutions increasingly competitive for OTM.  Even those organizations that continue to run production systems elsewhere can benefit from non-production or disaster recovery solutions in the cloud.

  In this upcoming post series, I will be covering OTM cloud hosting, and, in particular:

  1. OTM architectures on Amazon using EC2, RDS, Load Balancing
  2. Benchmarking OTM in the cloud for planning and optimization
  3. Costing OTM in the cloud to pennies per planned order or shipment
  4. OTM disaster recovery architectures on Amazon

  I am very excited about OTM hosting in the cloud, and I hope to share more soon.  If you have any questions in the meantime or would like consultation regarding OTM in the cloud, please do not hesitate to contact us now.