Visualization of Reading Level Frequency by Congressional Bill Stage

  Here's a fun example of how you might use my data on Congressional bill length and complexity.  Imagine you want to understand the empirical distribution of Flesch-Kincaid reading level for Congressional bills and how this distribution is related to bill stage.  A first step might be to visualize this relationship.   Based on this

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Visual Summary of #jan25 Twitter Activity

  Last year, I covered a number of the so-called "Twitter protests" in China (#cn220), Iran (#25bahman), and Algeria (#fev12).  Since these protests began in January 2011, the Arab Spring has claimed many members of both ruling and revolting groups - Mubarak in Egypt, Gaddafi in Libya, Ben Ali in Tunisia, Saleh in Yemen, and

By |2012-01-29T07:54:12-05:00January 29th, 2012|Research, Society|4 Comments

Saving memory in redis and python with struct.pack

  In redis, every object is either a binary-safe string or collection thereof.  Even if you're storing numbers from your client library or using the INCR/DECR counter within redis, the actual values are stored in memory as strings.  In some cases, this may be fine; however, if you are storing many numbers, whole or decimal,

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Building Legal Language Explorer: Interactivity and drill-down, noSQL and SQL

  Dan and I recently released a new legal informatics project with a few colleagues. The project, which we've named the Legal Language Explorer, provides an interface similar to Google Ngrams Viewer for the U.S. Supreme Court. Unlike Google's viewer, however, the Legal Language Explorer also allows users to drill-down into case-level information for each n-gram.

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