Summary of community detection algorithms in igraph 0.6

  Based on Launchpad traffic and mailing list responses, Gabor and Tamas will soon be releasing igraph 0.6.  In celebration, I’ll be publishing a number of helpful lists and tables I’ve put together to organize information about igraph.   In this post, we’ll cover the community detection algorithms (~i.e., clustering, partitioning, segmenting) available in 0.6

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Grexit stage left: visualizing the online discussion around Greece’s possible Euro exit

  While Tsipras and his Syriza coalition have been busy in Greek parliament, the Internet has been a-buzz with speculation that their platform will result in a Greek exit from the Euro currency.  This prospect, affectionately dubbed "Grexit" by Citi in February, has been making the rounds on Twitter under the hashtag #grexit.  We think the

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Historical data mining the Supreme Court headnotes

 Two weeks ago, I posted a pair of very rough working papers.  The second of these, Exploring Relationships between Legal Concepts in the United States Supreme Court, opens up a number of interesting "historical data mining" techniques.  I thought I'd go over an example of this today to demonstrate the usefulness of the approach.   First,

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Plotting 3D Graphs with Python, igraph, and Cairo: #cn220 Example

  Out of all the visuals I’ve produced, I think the "coolest" is the three-dimensional U.S. Supreme Court citation network 1080p movie I produced with Dan Katz (close friend, coauthor, and newly minted law professor!).  3D networks, especially dynamic ones, really invoke the "wow" factor.  Movies are especially important in dynamic cases too, since without the animation,

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