I’ve been playing with Twitter data over the last week, archiving Algerian, Egyptian, Iranian, and Chinese tweets.  I thought I’d bring the story a little closer to home this time by archiving tweets from Wisconsin Union protesters on the #wiunion tag.  Grab the dataset of 165,593 tweets here, and check out the two figure of 5-minute tweet counts and highest frequency accounts below.  The code to generate the figures is also available at this gist.

  Update: I’ve updated the sample to the present, so it now includes 206,005 tweets from Feb 16 to the morning of Feb 22.  I’ve also updated the figures and added a table of the ten highest frequency tweeters in the text of the post.

Ten Highest Frequency Tweeters

  1. @jenn976: 1636 tweets
  2. @WEAC: 974 tweets
  3. @WarLordwrites: 905 tweets
  4. @coopmike48: 823 tweets
  5. @Rocky1542: 818 tweets
  6. @Khassy2010: 806 tweets
  7. @all_a_twitt_r: 711 tweets
  8. @Leoslaire: 667 tweets
  9. @CAFalk: 660 tweets
  10. @MotorHomeless: 644 tweets