I created my RescueTime account in October 2009, installed the client, got confused, and promptly ignored its weekly email until last week.  For one reason or another, I was compelled to log back in and check it out.  After downloading the client and trying it out on my free account for a few hours, I was so impressed that I decided to grab a year of pro membership for around $1/week.  Between its per-project tracking and total categorization customization, I’m optimistic that I can use the information it logs to better record, discipline, and plan my work. Here’s a snapshot of my day so far, highlighting how well I’ve used each hour.  There’s also a data API, which I’ll hopefully get some time to play with once I have some more data.

If this looks interesting, sign up through my referral and give it a try.  Basic accounts are free and plenty for most people, but for little more than $1/week and a super-easy tool, I think it’s hard to beat.