Well, so much for that #march11 #Saudi day of rage.  Whether it was really the "tempest in a teacup" that  Prince Al-Waleed suggested on CNBC (video below, transcript here) or not, the oil complex and Saudi markets seem to have shrugged off much of the risk that was priced in after Thursday’s rumors of shots.  

As I’ve done before, I thought I’d take a quick look at tweet frequency as a proxy for interest in these topics.  I chose to focus on the #march11 and #saudi tags in particular, leaving out the #march20 for now.  After running my Twitter historical archiving script and `sort -n | uniq > sample.csv` on the output, I ran the following commands in R:

Voila – the figure below.

And here’s the CNBC interview between Maria and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talaal: