This term, I’m teaching Complex Systems 530 – Computer Modeling for Complex Systems at the University of Michigan Center for the Study of Complex Systems.  In the spirit of open science, all course material will be available online at Github.  You can browse the repository here:

  In the course, we’re exploring why and how we model the world around us, especially as seen from an interdisciplinary perspective using Python.  The goal is to help students understand how to:

  • frame and formulate models
  • understand and select appropriate modeling methodologies, including agent/individual-based, Monte Carlo, and systems/structural models
  • implement and analyze models using Python
  • communicate model methodology and results

Complex Systems 530 example IPython Notebook

  If you’re interested in following along, the best way to do so is via NBViewer, which renders the course IPython notebooks.  Try the following two notebooks to get started:

  As always, feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!  If you’d like to discuss similar training for your data science or modeling team, please don’t hesitate to reach out.