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Grexit stage left: visualizing the online discussion around Greece’s possible Euro exit

  While Tsipras and his Syriza coalition have been busy in Greek parliament, the Internet has been a-buzz with speculation that their platform will result in a Greek exit from the Euro currency.  This prospect, affectionately dubbed “Grexit” by Citi

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Visualizing the #nonato Twitter hashtag – time series and top users

  The NATO summit is currently being held in Chicago, and, as is typical for NATO or G# summits, the streets and tweets are full of dissent.  In the spirit of my past investigations of online dissent (#jan25, #25bahman, #12fev,

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Charting Twitter time series data with tweet and unique user counts

Let’s say you’ve used my Python script to automate the download of a hashtag or search phrase from Twitter (in a Unicode safe way, unlike within R).  Now let’s say you want to visualize the number of tweets over time.  Easy

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Visual Summary of #jan25 Twitter Activity

  Last year, I covered a number of the so-called “Twitter protests” in China (#cn220), Iran (#25bahman), and Algeria (#fev12).  Since these protests began in January 2011, the Arab Spring has claimed many members of both ruling and revolting groups

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A quick look at #march11 / #saudi tweets

Well, so much for that #march11 #Saudi day of rage.  Whether it was really the "tempest in a teacup" that  Prince Al-Waleed suggested on CNBC (video below, transcript here) or not, the oil complex and Saudi markets seem to have shrugged

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