Updated Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) XML

  Last August, I released an XML copy of the Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL).  As an example of what could be done with the structured data, I also created a single-page HTML version generated from the XML.  Since then, there's been significant activity in the state statutory arena; my favorite example is Virginia Decoded, a

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Single HTML File of the Michigan Compiled Law (MCL)

 Last night, I posted a copy of the Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) as an improved and structured XML document.  As an example of what can be easily done with freely available, structured, machine-readable law, I've produced a single HTML file containing the entire MCL with table of contents, internal hyperlinks, and indentation.  You can either

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XML Copy of the Michigan Compiled Law (MCL)

  A few weeks ago, Ari Hershowitz posted on Quroa calling for a Californa code hackathon.  Since Ari was drumming up support for software developers to build state-level tools, I thought I'd see what data the Michigan government had to offer.  However, Michigan, unlike California, does not provide any bulk access to its Code.  Access to Michigan

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Archiving Tweets with Python

  Last week, I posted some R code that downloads the user and timestamp of tweets that contain a given hashtag going back as far as Twitter search will allow.  As I noted in the post, the text of these tweets isn’t stored because of encoding issues with R and its JSON packages.  A few people emailed asking

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Dataset: Wisconsin Union Protester Tweets #wiunion

   I've been playing with Twitter data over the last week, archiving Algerian, Egyptian, Iranian, and Chinese tweets.  I thought I'd bring the story a little closer to home this time by archiving tweets from Wisconsin Union protesters on the #wiunion tag.  Grab the dataset of 165,593 tweets here, and check out the two figure

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Tracking the Frequency of Twitter Hashtags with R

 I’ve posted three examples of Twitter hashtags datasets in the last week: one on China, one on Iran, and one on Algeria.  In order to build these datasets, I needed to obtain older tweets; this is slightly more difficult than simply filtering the streaming feed for your hashtag of choice.  The original code I wrote

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Dataset: Tweets from the Chinese Protests #cn220

  Earlier this week, I posted a ~100k tweet dataset on the #25bahman protests in Iran.  The corresponding figure of frequencies showed a strong presence on Twitter, with over 500 tweets per 5 minute period at peak.  You can download the dataset or check out the figure in that post.   I decided to take a quick

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